We are commited to providing the highest level of customer service and statisfaction.
Our team is comprised of tech savvy individuals with the ability to listen to our customer's issues and clearly communicate appropriate resolutions.

Live Chat Available

Web Enabled Response

Customers can utilize the live chat from their web browser to speak with a customer service representative.

Enterprise Class Phone System

Enterprise Class Phone System

One system connects all call centers to reduce wait times and increase customer statisfaction.

Multi-Lingual Support

Multi-Lingual Support Options

Global business relationships require communication. We can deliver support in your regional language.

Toll Free Support

Toll Free Support

Access to toll free numbers to speak with a higly trained customer service representive by phone.


How do you want your customers to get paid? Reuse offers multiple payment options for our partners.

Payment Fulfillment

For the ultimate win-win, we suggest Reuse buys the customer's product with your gift card! Now that is revenue generation at it's finest!

  • Closed Loop Gift Cards
  • Branded, Pre-paid Cards
  • Store Credits
  • Check


Whatever you want to know, when you want to know it. It's that simple.
Chart the progress of your trade-in program through the inside sales tool dashboard view.

We use our own custom built system for reporting and program management. This allows us to collect a massive amount of data on every single item we touch. Not sure what information to ask for, or don't have staff dedicated to mining all this data? Don't worry we've got you covered.

  • Report Overview from Dashboard
  • Quote Status Pie Chart
  • Generate Reports
  • Export Reports
  • Track Top Sales Producers
  • Track Quote Volume
  • Manage Users
  • Request Custom Report Creation


Reuse, Reduce & Recycle!
We quickly and efficiently process each device with the goal of extending its life while protecting the environment.

We have experience processing devices for publicly traded companies, educational institutions, and corporations. Their assets require data destruction, recording/removal of asset tags, and removal of branding. Our clients trust our process to protect their brands. We don't take this responsibility lightly. There is a reason why some of the largest corporations and government entities trust us to process their products.

  • Certified Data Destruction
  • Custom Labeling
  • Custom Tracking
  • Real Time Visibility
  • Automated Email Alert System


Each trade-in program provides integrated full service logistics.
It doesn't matter if it's one device or one thousand, we'll provide appropriate packaging materials along with free shipping.

Global Logistics

We offer the highest level of service with reliability you can count on. Our partners benefit from our years of experience and strong relationships with all major carriers. No need to worry about a thing. We will handle every detail from pick-up through delivery. Follow the progress of your package with real-time tracking. Let the Reuse team do all the heavy lifting.

  • Custom De-Installation Services
  • Custom Packaging
  • Custom Labeling
  • Custom Tracking
  • Real Time Visibility
  • Automated Email Alert System
  • Freight Insurance
  • Trusted Carriers


Tell us what you need/want, and we will make it happen! We make processes easy for our clients. Reuse has invested in the technology to automate our sales, orders, accounting, support, and shipping into a seamless management package.

Currently, Reuse’s POS system manages programs for several Fortune 100 companies, providing both management back-end support as well as consumer facing websites from our operations in the US, Europe and Asia. Our solutions are scalable and have the ability to handle any of our customers needs. Our technology allows Reuse to manage inventory and sales for several different vendors at the same time, even on the same websites, without contaminating sales reports with errant or misplaced data.


Ever wanted to know what your customers are thinking, but don’t have the ability to easily gather the information?
We can help by designing and managing an electronic survey to provide the feedback your company needs.


Like most things we end up developing for our customers, we looked at all the not so turn-key nor inexpensive survey services available and decided we could do it better. In the end we developed an incredibly powerful survey and reporting engine that can be completely customized to our clients every whim.

  • Unlimited Uses
  • Customized Questions
  • Real Time Graphs and Charts
  • Complete Tracking
  • Customized Reporting


We have provided our partners with custom solutions outside of the turnkey trade-in programs.
Tell us what your business needs and we can provide a custom solution.

Business Process Modeling

We will review your existing process and provide insightful analysis with the goal of increasing process efficiency with a positive impact on your company's bottom line.

Custom Engineering

Our team will deliver a customized solution based on individual specifications, or make custom modifications to an existing program to best fit your business needs.

Design & Development

Using an agile software methodology, allowing for fast development of large scale projects, our experienced development team provides multi-platform capabilities.